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CMW Management was founded in 2002 by Michael Wallenius. At CMW Management we care especially much for leadership, management and innovation. We stand in a sweet spot in-between the customer and technology, to bring good to the end user.


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CMW Management is a small consultancy company founded in 2002 by Michael Wallenius. The business idea is to be a consultancy company that delivers experienced managers in different areas to solve customer’s problems. If you contact CMW Management with the intent to find management consultants, it will be either Michael himself or one of the many people in his network that will be engaged to solve your problem.

The red thread through out the engagements that CMW Management involves in is the topic of business and technology development and innovation. The consultants engaged with CMW Management have all a background from either innovation management, software or business development, project management or other managerial roles.

The vision is to build a consultancy company that employs a small group of experts in the area of innovation and business, software and service development. We are broad in our knowledge around technology and deep in the skill of driving and managing business and technology development projects.

Our mission is to help our clients to bring new and shiny things to the world that help in making things easier, cheaper and more efficient. By doing so we in the long run also contribute to a better climate and a better way of living.


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