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CMW Management was founded in 2002 by Michael Wallenius. At CMW Management we care especially much for leadership, management and innovation. We stand in a sweet spot in-between the customer and technology, to bring good to the end user.


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Based on studies prepared by Michael Wallenius and Daniel Westerstål in 2010.

We all seek guidance and listen to people in our vicinity that seemingly have experience and can teach and tell good stories that brings good thoughts on how to handle different situations. I believe this applies to any person and any leader, disregarding at what level of management experience they have. And I strongly believe that in whatever level of management experience you find yourself in, you should seek inspiration, guidance and experience from outside of your existing situation. Otherwise it is easy to miss out on important angles and opportunities.

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In an article at Entreprenuer.com (unfortunately not available any longer) sir Richard Branson talks about the importance of having fun being an entrepreneur. You need to quickly forget errors and mistakes made during hard times starting your own business. In my opinion he really hits the nail. And today, when the discussion is all around being agile and failing fast, it may create a lot of frustration which drags your mood down. In the article the examples are pointing at how “funny” his companies has been in e.g. marketing matters, with several crazy, mad and brilliant ideas has been allowed to flourish. It is claimed that he has started more than 200 companies and it certainly seems that he has had his sweet share of fun during his lifetime. But he mentions very little on examples on what has been made to make it fun to work in a Virgin Group company.

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There is an insightful article written by Steve Denning on the topic of having an outside-in perspective on customer satisfaction and making the customer delighted through listening to their needs instead of pushing products to the customer (inside-out). I will argue for leaders to develop trusting leadership instead of strong leadership.

A discussion in a group at LinkedIn on innovation management asked if it is possible to create an outside-in creativeness in innovation without a “confident top-down leadership”. It is argued that there is a need of “STRONG” leadership in opposite to inside-out.

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In an interesting article at Inc.com by Leigh Buchanan on the 1st of Feb 2011 quotes are made out of a case study performed by professor Saras Sarasvathy at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. The article and the case study is about how successful entrepreneurs go about when they have an idea to explore. Some comments are truly hilarious and spot on, but also wakens your thought on how venture capital work.

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Some great news is that the web site for CMW Management now is connected to the Apple News platform. The name of the blog and news section at Apple News is “The Management Man”. We are eager to get Apple News here in Sweden as well as in the US, Australia and the UK. When it does, WE ARE READY!

Mark W. Johnson has written an interesting piece of text on the subject of innovation in Bloomberg Businessweek. “Clarifying Innovation for Success” is the name of the article and (you find it here) it is trying to give the reader a picture on what innovation and invention is and what it isn’t. I would say that Mr Johnson manages to touch the area in a good manor, and it ends with a special touch. I tend to agree with all that is written in the article and I will below try to complement the article with some of my own thoughts.

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An entrepreneur has got the best and the worst job possible, at the same time. The entrepreneur needs to fit in so many different situations and do so many tasks in his first year of operation that it is virtually impossible to perform well in all of them. This is definitely supported throughout litterature on the topic. One of them I read just recently, which spurred me to this blog article where I mix my own experiences with comments to the article written in Harvard Business Review on Entrepreneurship (Harvard Business School Press, 1999).

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Do you have a good idea that you are about to release to an expecting market? A market that will wonder how they earlier at all could have managed without your innovation? Then you are up for a really good time. I urge everyone to do this, at least once in your lifetime. Let the dwelling entrepreneurship skills in you take place! It makes you grow and learn in a way that you never get in an employment situation.

But at the same time I want to give you a word that may get you to sit down and think through what you are about to do. Since it may, at the same time as it gives you your best time in your life, give your worst nightmares ever. It may result in horrible times, work fatigue and personal bankruptcy. Here you can use a military expression:

Only the prepared survive!”

I consider myself by no means to be an incredibly successful entrepreneur, who has made trillions of money on an IPO or a buy-out, or created serials of successful startups. Unfortunatelly. But I still have my experiences and lessons learned that I may share with you, if you decide to read on…

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Econsultancy published in an article the result of a study on how an innovative company has prepared themselves for success through innovation. You find the article here. The background to that article was a prior published article on the same topic. I find the extracts from the study very interesting. Some of the comments are worthy praise and some not, in my humble opinion.

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A while ago I got a LinkedIn invitation from an unknown person. I get this from time to time and it is always fun to investigate that persons background, LinkedIn profile status and try to figure out why they want to connect with me. This time it was a rather distinguished gentleman working with medical research at a nearby well-known university. I recognized the name from my time as the CIO of a part of the same university. So I was happy to allow the connection and followed it up with an email to him, and thanked him for the kind request to connect with me. I almost always do this with far off acquaintances, both as a kind gesture but also out of the reason that I might be of any assistance and would like to explore that possibility. So I did this.

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