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CMW Management was founded in 2002 by Michael Wallenius. At CMW Management we care especially much for leadership, management and innovation. We stand in a sweet spot in-between the customer and technology, to bring good to the end user.


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Most people that has come to a position where they get to decide over resources or manage people have got some traits that attracts others and create an aura around you. You are fit to be a leader. You have something valuable that is worth treasuring. Do you treasure it? Are you taking care of your management skills as delicately as you should? If you do, you have the opportunity of making a difference in other peoples life. That is a feeling, when you finally notice it, that is more valuable than any high salary any fantastic employer can offer you. You get the rewarding feeling that people around you listen to what you say and act accordingly to how you act. You are a leader and you have followers. You will find this reward and feeling if you stay true to and follow the inner compass that most of us have and make good use of. My believe is that 99% of all inner compasses in the world point in the right direction. Most likely your true inner compass is pointing toward a position where humanity, doing the right things for others, being kind and using humour is dominating as well as practicing good leadership, developing sound business plans, developing yours and others competence and supporting innovation.

Though, of course, some of us has lost this inner compass and is out there trying to navigate by some other guiding star or set of stars, in lack of our own inner compass. Where these stars are telling you to go might depend on where you are looking, what you have gone through and from where your influence is taken from. It might be close to what your inner compass would tell you, but it might also be in an opposite direction. In worst scenario that guidance is leading you in a totally unproductive direction to what your own believes and values can support. Some of us get so lost in navigation that we start to believe that we are on the right path. Or some of us don’t have the self-confidence to stand against others less well calibrated compasses, and allow ourselves to ride along the wrong path. It might be very difficult to tell which way is the right one, since you have lost your inner compass.

How do we find out what is the right path, or if we have lost our inner compass and good sense of direction and are being lead down the wrong path? You can’t miss something that is not defined as lost, right? Right. The first step in doing the right things is to find your inner compass. What you need to do is to be active in looking for your compass. Don’t just assume it is there. You need to regularly check whether it’s there or if it’s lost. You need to look up at the horizon to see the big picture, as well as look in your vicinity for specific topographical details that tell you “your on the right track”. Look at the map, check your surroundings and reach for your pocket to see whether your inner compass tells you that your map is correctly aligned. If everything is all right, move ahead. Follow the direction given by your compass.

I hope that I have found my compass that is correctly calibrated and well-oiled. But I can never be sure. I need to check on it with regular intervals and I need to focus on the task. I do this by setting time aside for reflection and asking myself some serious questions that matters to me. It is so important to set aside time for reflection and during this time being in a calm and peaceful environment that allows your mind to unplug to your daily choirs. Stop for a while and try to ignore emails, Facebook, Twitter, smartphone, manager, employees, wife/husband, children and television. Just close your eyes, lean back and ask yourself “the important questions”. The questions I ask myself can be like:

  • Why am I doing this thing that I am doing?
  • What makes me happy? Does it make me happy to do what I do right now?
  • Am I doing the right things, really?
  • What is important just here and now?
  • What is important in the big picture?
  • Which are my core values and am I following them?
  • Am I being influenced to follow a route that feels wrong? Why? By whom? Why does it feel wrong?
  • Do I respect myself in what I am doing and do I respect my fellow travel mates on this journey?
  • Which are my goals and visions? Do I like them?
  • To be happy with myself and what I do; do I need to change something?
  • Am I doing good to my friends, colleagues and family while doing what I am doing?

There are of course other relevant questions to ask yourself while exploring life. The important thing is that you develop your own set of questions to ask yourself when trying to sense your own inner compass. Why not take notes of your questions and answers to see if they learn you something about yourself that you didn’t know until now?

By following your own true inner compass you will find people willing to follow you on the road ahead, since they feel that you have found your compass and are on the right track.


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