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CMW Management was founded in 2002 by Michael Wallenius. At CMW Management we care especially much for leadership, management and innovation. We stand in a sweet spot in-between the customer and technology, to bring good to the end user.


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Everyone wants to be successful. Not everyone is successful. But I believe that everyone can become successful. It is more a matter of knowing how and when to become successful and in what circumstance. If you never start to think about how you want to be or be perceived as successful the only option is to become it by pure chance. And that seldom happens. I believe in setting targets for yourself and work with something that gives you energy and joy. These are the best circumstances and gives you the highest probability of becoming successful. Below I give you my thoughts on what may help you to become successful.

  1. Find out what you are good at. It may just be that one thing, or it may be several. Write them down in an unordered list.
  2. Find out what you like doing. Write down everything you want to do down in an unordered list. If at least one of them can be defined as something you love to do, you’re on the right path. Mark those you love to do in a special way so that you easily can identify them in your list of things you want to do. If you don’t find a single thing of the tasks that can be marked as “love to do”, try again and try harder. Focus! It is important!
  3. Find out what you are doing today. What your task list looks like everyday. Are there things that you don’t like doing and can stop doing, do that right now! Try to identify time thiefs. How much time are you spending on each topic per month? The game here is to find room in your tight schedule where you can concentrate on becoming successful.
  4. Try to match the things you love to do with the things that you are good at and squeeze these things in where you have created room in your schedule. The things you love to do is most certainly the things you want to do most, so concentrate on those.
  5. When you do things you love and feel that you are good at you will be energized, and find more time doing what you’re good at. Energy is key to success. You need to put a lot of energy into learning more on whatever you are good at. In that way you may become unique, and get even more energy in what you are doing. When you become unique, people start to notice what you are doing, which creates an aura of being successful.
  6. Review your findings and evaluate the value you create when doing what you are good at and love to do. Does it create any value? To whom? When you understand this you know whom to approach to support you as you are becoming successful. They will love what you love to do and easily buy whatever you are doing for a reasonable amount of value to you.
  7. Keep improving! Kaizen!
  8. Find more time to do more of what you are good at.

When you have become successful at whatever you have decided to become successful in, you will be noticed and a demand for your services will build up. Soon enough you will be able to sort out more things of what you don’t like to do of your daily schedule and instead do more of the things you love to do. The wheel of success has started rollin’!

But be vary! According to the law of physics a wheel can’t continue rolling forever. It needs energy input. That energy comes from kaizen, improvements. If you keep improving at what you do the wheels keep on turning. If you don’t, you will end up a fat lazy cat. A fat lazy cat isn’t winning any competitions.

A mind stimulating thought you may spend time on is also “What is successful?”. Exactly when have I become  successful? What does the word successful really mean to me? What does it mean to others? What will happen when I become successful? Will I like being successful? Am I prepared to do what it takes to become successful, and how successful do I want to become? Superfamous, or is it enough to be admired by my closest friends? For whom am I doing this? Is it, and why, to be successful? What will I gain from becoming successful?

Now, go out there and become successful! Happy hunting!


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