Most people that has come to a position where they get to decide over resources or manage people have got some traits that attracts others and create an aura around you. You are fit to be a leader. You have something valuable that is worth treasuring. Do you treasure it? Are you taking care of your management skills as delicately as you should? If you do, you have the opportunity of making a difference in other peoples life. That is a feeling, when you finally notice it, that is more valuable than any high salary any fantastic employer can offer you. You get the rewarding feeling that people around you listen to what you say and act accordingly to how you act. You are a leader and you have followers. You will find this reward and feeling if you stay true to and follow the inner compass that most of us have and make good use of. My believe is that 99% of all inner compasses in the world point in the right direction. Most likely your true inner compass is pointing toward a position where humanity, doing the right things for others, being kind and using humour is dominating as well as practicing good leadership, developing sound business plans, developing yours and others competence and supporting innovation.